loose leaf

4 Fenns Quay Sheares Street
Cork, Ireland



LOOSE LEAF shop and tasting salon is set at the heart of old Cork in a beautiful historical building dating from approximately 1750. We offer a wide selection of finest quality loose-leaf teas and gourmet coffee beans. Relax with a fragrant cup of tea and browse our collection of teaware and accessories, gifts, gourmet honey and chocolates. 

Our teas are carefully selected single-origin offerings originating from the finest estates in China, Japan, India, and other tea growing regions worldwide. We stock exclusively full leaf teas, ethically sourced, and many of them organic.

At LOOSE LEAF, we invite you to step out of the busy city and pause, relax, and share conversation over tea.

Enjoy the moment, it's tea time.



Tea drinking is a centuries-old practice with a rich history steeped in tradition. Tea is experiencing a revival, with the focus on high quality, flavour, and authenticity. And we are not just talking about basic black tea in a boring old teabag. Green, black, white, red, oolong, pu-erh – there are vast array of tea varieties waiting to be discovered, the rituals and cultures of tea to be explored.

Join us on this journey of discovery - it is going to be quite the ride.