Bon Vi Vant

Bon Vi Vant


A fabulous gift set for those who enjoy the good things in life!

Bon Tea, 100g. Coconut together with dark and white chocolate in this indulgent black tea blend will summon an image of sweet breeze of Caribbean, the rustle of the palm leaves and white sandy beaches… Tender and creamy, it goes very well with milk. This is a real treat for the senses!

Raspberry Tart Green Tea, 100g. Sweet, fruity raspberry notes combined with a delicate and creamy biscuit aroma will conjure a delighted smile on your face. Deep pink raspberries and a bouquet of pink cornflowers complete this indulgent tea.

Peach Melba Fruit Tea, 100g. Inspired by famous desert this fragrant, sweet and creamy tea is delicious served hot or cold as a refreshing ice tea. Think sun ripened peaches and vanilla…

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