Wellness Tea Selection

Wellness Tea Selection


Beautiful Wellness Tea Selection consisting of Sencha Kombucha Green Tea 100g, Green Ginger Herbal Tea 100g, and Yunan Pu-erh 100g.

Green tea Sencha Kombucha - Refreshing Sencha green tea with Kombucha extract, flavoured with mirabelles and plums. Best brewed for 2-3 mins @ 75-80C

Green Ginger Herbal Blend - Just the right amount of ginger spiciness (42%), sweetness of apple and linden blossoms, herbal tones of verbena, lemon myrtle, and rosemary, balanced with orange peel and blackberry leaves. Beautiful and refreshing herbal blend, naturally caffeine free, no added flavouring. Best brewed for 7mins @100C

Yunnan Pu-erh - famous Pu-erh tea is created following centuries-old traditions. Fermented dark tealeaf develops a strong, woody and earthy flavour. The infusion has a beautiful dark red colour. Best brewed for 3 mins @100C

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