Moragalla Oolong, Sri Lanka

Moragalla Oolong, Sri Lanka

from 6.30

The Moragalla Estate is located close to the ocean in the south of the island at an altitude of only 60 m. This tea garden is also unusual as it is close to the sea and the salt levels found in the soil add greatly to this highly unorthodox tea in both flavour and taste. Picked in the two leaves and a bud plucking system, the leaves are then carefully allowed to oxidise. The care taken in the handling of these shoots is what produces such fine long twisted dried leaves.

Result: the black, long, open leaf yields a brass-coloured cup with a slightly roasted note and malty aromas, which surround the overall aromatic character of this tea.

Brew for 2-3 minutes @ 80° - 90° C

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